Our Staff

Combining more than 100 years of industry experience, our staff consists of a
diverse set of amazing individuals who show true dedication to the AssetBook Quality Policy.

Meet Our Founders

Rob Major
Chief Executive Officer

Rob credits his success in servicing advisors to focusing on client relationships, in order to gain an understanding of their specific needs and creating time-saving automation. Boasting over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Rob’s career took off in the late 1990s when he co-founded TechFi Corporation serving as Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer.
Rob has spent his career working directly with advisors to establish leadership in the advisory services industry. Originally from Pittsburgh, Rob gained career experience throughout the country, but returned to nearby McHenry, Maryland; where he started AssetBook in 2006. “The area has a lot to offer families with year round activities and its excellent school system.”

Ken Park
Chief Technology Officer

After attending West Virginia University, Ken started working immediately in software development and design for the financial industry in the early 90s. Ken moved to Colorado in the late 1990s to work with other growing financial technology companies but always knew he would return to the area. “Since I enjoyed such a wonderful childhood in Garrett County, I wanted the same for my children. Close proximity to family, lots of outdoor activities, and the relaxed lifestyle of the area makes it a great place to live.”

Our Friendly Staff

The Sales Team

We conduct an informative and friendly initial interview to leam more about the individual firm and their unique requirements. This information steers the process of developing a customized portfolio management solution that works for them. Our very first step in the sales discussion is to help determine whether a firm's needs align with our current software solutions. A solution proposal outlining pricing, specific to their particular requirements, is our next step toward helping the customer feel comfortable and informed, When they are ready to move forward, we are there to counsel, mentor, and consult on various topics related to the industry. The Sales Team makes 3, 6, and 12 month courtesy calls during the first year of service to ensure satisfaction and an annual call after the first year to stay in tune with the client’s changing needs.

The Implementation Team

An official welcome call starts the next step in the process of building the foundation of a personalized RADAR program. Using custodial or converted electronic financial data files, our data management team builds the database from the ground up. The Implementation Team is also responsible for ensuring all processes are in place to receive the daily financial data from all specified custodians or data sources. Once the foundation of data is established the team notifies the Training Coordinator, who then introduces the client to their live data.

The Training Team

This is when the hands-on experience begins. Using the clients data, the team creates an interactive session in which the client walks through key areas of the system. During the training, the database is further customized based on the client’s needs. During this phase of the AssetBook experience, the trainer instills confidence in the data while instructing clients in making the most of new found data freedom. Once the personalized training is complete, the Training Coordinator will officially introduce the new client to their respective Support and Data Integrity team: their new point of contact for reconciliation and product support.

The Support and Data Integrity Team

Our database team works with the data import team to ensure the accurate and timely download of data each market day starting at 5:00am. Our reconciliation and support team tracks all differences in custodian share balances to the dollar, with specialized support capabilities and impressive turn around time. Expect personalized, friendly, and responsive service for all of your data management needs.

The Development Team

Looking for new and creative ways to enhance AssetBook’s ability to provide meaningful information to advisors, the Development Team is in tune with suggestions, corrective actions, and new technology each and every day. Although they don’t generally interact directly with clients; indirectly they take pride in creating happy customers by way of new software enhancements, advancements in reports, and corrective actions where they might be needed.